Doug Phillips on Conflict Resolution

“Myles, why have you turned so bitter toward us? We never meant you wrong! Can’t we talk about this?”

This is a line from Doug Phillips’ latest Jonathan Park series, The Hunt for Beowulf, in The Return to Iwo Jima, part 3. Listen to what Doug Phillips actively purports as biblical conflict resolution in this story:

The Creation Response Team had a previous falling out with one of its former members, Myles Morgan. When they all cross paths again in an exciting adventure in Iwo Jima, Myles starts firing some old Japanese WWII weapons at the Creation Response Team. Jonathan Park’s father, Dr. Kendall Park, implores him, “Myles, what are you doing?”

Tauntingly, Myles retorts, “I’m eliminating the competition!”

Dr. Park then pleads with him: “Myles, why have you turned so bitter toward us? We never meant you wrong! Can’t we talk about this?”

This seems to be what Doug Phillips is advocating as biblical conflict resolution. I have no problem with this. In fact, since neither of us have ever attempted to shoot at one another, our relationship shouldn’t be nearly as far gone as that of Myles Morgan and the Creation Response Team. As producer of the Jonathan Park series, Doug’s fingerprints are all over each episode, so I can only assume that this is what Doug is personally advocating.

So, since I know that Doug Phillips reads my blog, this invitation is personally to you, Doug:

Why have you turned so bitter against us? We never meant you wrong! Can’t we talk about this?

Doug, you know how to reach me; you know where I am. I’m ready to sit down and talk about this, one on one. You choose the time and the place.


3 Responses to “Doug Phillips on Conflict Resolution”

  1. Morgan Farmer Says:

    Poor Morgan…clueless as usual…Creation Response Team???????

    How does one respond to creation in a military sense????

    I must be spending way too much time working application domains….

  2. Jen Says:

    Morgan, they are kind of mystery/action/adventure stories, so most of the responses needed by a fast-action response team are quite contrived. Just think of Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys type stories, with creation science thrown in.

  3. Morgan Farmer Says:

    Thanks Jen, Its good for us oldies to know something new!!!! 🙂

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