Will James McDonald Hold Matt Chancey Accountable For Railing?

Will Doug Phillips Hold the Still Fed Up Boys Accountable?

I Corinthians 5 lists some excommunicable offenses: “But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolator, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat.” As part of his list of Kangaroo Court charges against me, Doug Phillips accused me of railing. I looked up “railing” in the 1828 Webster’s dictionary today and found this definition:

To utter reproaches, to scoff, to use insolent and reproachful language, to reproach or censure in opprobrious terms, to clamor with insulting language.

In the context of our “excommunication,” I’ve repeatedly asked for examples of any specific instances where I’ve been guilty of railing. Doug Phillips has yet to provide that.

In thinking about this again today, I realized that if anyone is guilty of railing, it is Doug Phillips. As I related in my story, Doug accused me of being a “whore,” a “dripping faucet,” “churlish” and “a Jezebel.” He had no basis to make such outrageous accusations. There is no better example of railing that I can think of than what Doug Phillips perpetrated against me.

In Doug Phillips’ hyper-patriarchy world, all of the problems in a marriage are always the wife’s fault. Because my husband had a serious problem with his temper, it must have been my fault. I just wasn’t submissive enough. If I were submissive, then I would have a happy husband and all the problems in our marriage would just suddenly vanish. Of course, Doug was wrong about that, and his accusations against me were equally wrong. If anyone is guilty of railing, it is Doug Phillips.

Corrie recently raised the issue of Matt Chancey and the Still Fed Up boys and their railing against me. Matt Chancey’s “Mrs. Binoculars,” in particular, is one of the best examples of yellow journalism and railing that I’ve ever seen.

The very premise of the site, “Mrs. Binoculars,” is laughable. Chancey has stated emphatically and repeatedly that the person behind the binoculars on the Ministry Watchman site is actually me! Chancey employed the equivalent of a cheap parlor trick by drawing a bright line around the nose of “Mrs. Binoculars.” He then superimposes a picture of me with the same line drawn around my nose. Remove the line and, presto! That’s supposed to be an “independent investigation?” Anyone who’s actually taken the time to compare the two photos, less the cheap parlor trick, can immediately see that the two noses are considerably different. The bright line around the two noses doesn’t help anyone to see that the noses are the same, but rather the line only obscures being able to see that the noses are quite different.

I am not the person in the masthead of Ministry Watchman. Yet, to this day Matt Chancey continues making an utter fool of himself by insisting that I am “Mrs. Binoculars,” and much of the rest of his “independent investigation” is equally foolish. In order to give the appearance of credibility, Chancey’s smear site is heavily footnoted and includes quotes from various documents and articles. But appearances can be deceiving, or at least they can be deceiving to the gullible. Chancey’s site is replete with logical fallacies (especially guilt by association), speculation and far-fetched conspiracy theories, and very short on evidence.

Let’s look at some specific examples of Matt Chancey and why he’s guilty of railing. Here are some direct quotes of his accusations against me and Mark:

  • “Jennifer and Mark would try to pull together every possible malcontent who had an axe to grind against Doug Phillips”
  • “Seeing an opportunity to satisfy her own revenge, Jennifer resolved to throw in with these men”
  • “the biggest organized Internet conspiracy to destroy Christian leaders in the history of the blogosphere”
  • “a cabal committed to discrediting the reputation of Reformed men and ministries”
  • “Jennifer and Mark Epstein have been caught working with racial bigots in a scheme involving lies, deceptions, and fraud, and they now face serious liability for their immoral and unlawful deeds”
  • “the perverse philosophy of Jennifer’s intimate colleagues—the Kinists—and their plan to rid America of blacks and Jews”
  • “the strategic alliance between a vengeful excommunicated couple, Mark and Jennifer Epstein, and two white separatists”
  • “white separatists who are among the worst racial bigots on the Internet?”
  • “the outrageous and unlawful behavior of this team”
  • “Jennifer Epstein’s many lies and scams designed to smear the reputation of Doug and Beall Phillips”
  • “they are still actively engaged in the conspiracy”
  • “their current posture of retreat is highly calculated and necessary because of their exposure and liability”
  • “Jennifer was adept at taunting, self-righteous posturing, extracting information from phone operators, and many other helpful skills for the campaign against the Sprouls.”

and last, but not least:

  • “the public record of how three bitter people became genuine Internet terrorists”

If I’m an “internet terrorist,” then what is Matthew Chancey? And this is just a very small portion of the many railings Matt Chancey has committed.

Until now, no one seemed willing to hold Matt Chancey accountable for his railings, least of all Doug Phillips. Doug and Matt are very close personal friends and Matt is anything but the “independent investigator” Doug claims that Matt is. With a single phone call, Doug could have put a stop to Matt’s railings months ago. Clearly, Doug must approve of Matt’s railings because Doug has even linked to Mrs. Binoculars from the Vision Forum web site.

But I’ve just learned that Matt Chancey’s little home fellowship, Reformed Family Fellowship of Birmingham, Alabama is joining a newly-formed Presbyterian denomination. So maybe now there’s some hope of accountability for Matt’s excommunicable offense of railing.

From: James McDonald, V

Sent: Saturday, May 19, 2007 12:37 AM
Subject: [ProvidenceFamily] Report from Presbytery….

Greetings Church,

Here is a quick report from Presbytery. Elders Evans and Price will have more details Sunday.

God has really blessed us as a denomination… We also received one church as a candidate body – Reformed Family Fellowship of Birmingham, Alabama. Some of you may know two of the families in this work – Matt and Jennie Chancey and Tom and Nan Keen. Our church will be their sponsoring body so, for a time, they will be a distant part of us! Please keep this church in your prayers.

James M McDonald
Providence Church

One would hope that this newly-formed Presbyterian denomination, the Covenant Presbyterian Church Presbytery, started by James McDonald and eight other elders, representing four former RPCGA churches, would disapprove of Matt’s railings. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out, but my gut tells me that not only will Matt not be held accountable for railing, he’ll probably receive a big pat on the back for it. After all, Doug Phillips and James McDonald are friends and fellow conference speakers.

And what about the boys at Still Fed Up? They too are guilty of railing:

  • “Ministry Lapdog covers up the fact that Jen Epstein–self-proclaimed prophet of integrity from Jens Gems and co-author of the articles on herself at MW”
  • “Now that they have been exposed as liars, who hid critical facts from the general public, who doctored documents, who attacked innocent people, and who spread gossip—and lets not forget this—who compromised all their integrity by turning their site into the personal web tool of Jennifer Epstein (whose credibility has been annihilated by her own words and actions”
  • “pretend to reveal secret information about the family life … so you can publicly vomit on a woman you hate with every fiber in your body—Beall Phillips”
  • “we are dealing with anonymous assassins, who don’t interview people they slander, who pick on women, who have been caught in dead lies, who have conspired to deceive and then who act like babies when they are not allowed to do the very thing that they do to everyone else”
  • “If you want to know what the blackmailers are saying head on over to the miniature watchdog site and wade around in it for a while.”
  • “you’re so busy fabricating documents, playing the role of multiple web-bloggers, and thinking up evermore deceptive ways to sew discord”
  • “it really is a lot of crap”
  • “everybody who has been following her trail of never-ending lies, publicity stunts, and very strange behavior knows that something is not right with Mrs. Epstein.”
  • “Except for three very angry women (Corrie, Cynthia, and Lynn)–and the various dozens of personalities under which Jennifer Epstein authors her own self-congratulations society”
  • “now this feminist, turned habitual liar, turned accuser of dozens, turned self-appointed prophet of righteousness—is behaving like a stalker.”
  • “So, Jen, does Little Bear now need to start saving money to buy a bright red costume so that he can join Bev and the Gang as they lie to you and your family into the paddywagon?”

Doug Phillips could put an end to it all with a single phone call. Quite obviously Doug approves of SFU, and the proof of it is that the SFU boys, some of whom acknowledge themselves to be “former Vision Forum interns,” are still regularly posting their railings. Doug has done nothing to discourage them, which they can only interpret as a green light.

I find it remarkably hypocritical that I was “excommunicated” in part for “railing,” a charge for which Doug Phillips has never provided a shred of evidence to support, and yet these young men have been given a green light to engage in railing.

Who will hold these railers accountable?

376 Responses to “Will James McDonald Hold Matt Chancey Accountable For Railing?”

  1. ltruitt Says:

    Wow! Someone who calls them self a Christian who says they are glad that someone was tortured and murdered! I’m shocked although I know I shouldn’t be. Since when did Christ advocate the murder of those who disagree with you doctrinally? Did you know that John Adams and his family as well as many other founding fathers were congregationalists which were unitarians. I don’t mean unitarian universalists, as we know them today, but biblical unitarians who believe in the inerrant Word of God. They also have some very strong support for their position, if you care to put aside emotion and preconceived ideas and impartially weigh the evidence.

    Anyway, no matter how much we may disagree with someone’s doctrine, Christ never gave any commandment or condoning of killing others who we believe to be in error. On the contrary, he said to love our enemies, to do good unto those who even are doing bad things to us. That is a step up from just disagreeing with our doctrinal beliefs. Even if they are behaving in an evil manner toward us, we are to do good as we have the opportunity. When do we ever see Christ killing those who doctrinally opposed him, or Paul or any of the apostles. There will be a time when Christ will deal with and judge every man. There will even be enemies that He wars with and kills, but we are not in that time. This time is a period of grace, in which the Lord wants all men to be saved and come unto a knowledge of the truth. He is very patient and longsuffering, not wishing that any should perish.

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