Life in Perfect

I was going to wait a few more days to open my blog back up again, but I just read an article called “Life in Perfect” that is simply too good to pass up! Warning: Don’t read this article while drinking hot liquids. Too much laughter while drinking hot liquids can cause damage to your computer components.

Here’s a small sample from the article:

Where the children are seen and not heard.

And so are the women.

Where vile American Girl dolls are banned.

Where people talk and write like a walking 1865 dictionary.

I don’t want to ruin it for you, so I won’t post any more of it here. What a great satire, “Ingrid”!

10 Responses to “Life in Perfect”

  1. Morgan Farmer Says:

    HI JEN!!!! Welcome back.

    Well I guess Ingrid is now on my blog list as well. (sigh). She uses sarcasm like a piece of bladed silk. πŸ˜‰

  2. Bryan Says:

    Yes, Jen, welcome back! πŸ™‚

  3. Nathanael Says:

    Welcome back!

    Haha, Ingrid’s satire is *perfect*. I literally was laughing out loud reading it.

  4. Jen Says:

    Stacy McDonald is going to be interviewing the Botkin sisters and she is taking questions at this email address. There have been many requests to interact with the Botkin girls regarding their book especially, and what little we know so far of their movie. This would be a perfect opportunity to ask them those questions now. Stacy’s deadline for sending her your questions is October 23rd, so please be sure to send them in right away.

    Stacy’s requirements are that the questions be direct, brief, and gracious. Even though we may not agree with their position, I would also encourage each of us to set the example in asking questions in a Christian manner.

    In order to hold Stacy a little more accountable on the questions she will ask them, I would like to ask my readers to copy and paste their emails to Stacy here. It should be quite interesting to finally interact with them. Here’s your chance!

  5. Robin Says:

    I haven’t been here in awhile. I’m surprised to see not much is going on. I got the Vision Forum catalog in the mail even though I asked to be removed from their list. I have never purchased anything from it, so I don’t know why they keep sending it to me!

  6. LAS Says:

    I too asked to be removed from their list quite a while ago and just received their catalog in the mail!! It’s very rude of them to send catalogs to people who have requested that they DON’T! What good is it to request to be off their mailing list if they won’t honor it?

  7. Jen Says:

    Robin and LAS, thank you for sharing your experiences regarding Vision Forum. In the business world, marketing says to keep putting those products out there, to keep advertising. The more you hear about it, the more you see it, the more you read about it, the more likely you are to make a purchase.

    Also, I do admit that the Vision Forum catalogs are very aesthetically pleasing. Those young men with Macs do an excellent job of putting together such a catalog. Doug is banking on certain customers who have said they don’t want a catalog being so taken with his beautiful catalog and incredible descriptions that they will buy something anyway.

  8. Hutch Says:


    Did you receive your new catalog?

    I like this caption from the Vision Forum web-site the best:

    Have you ever noticed that girls have a special affinity for horses? There is something about the strength, beauty, and nobility of this remarkable creature which inspires the imagination of our daughters. Of all of God’s creatures, the horse is singular with its special relationship to man. It is a friend, a travel companion, a tool of dominion, and a thing of beauty. Save 12%

    Although it is common knowledge that the horse is a tool of dominion, it has recently been replaced by the 12 passenger van.



  9. Jen Says:

    Hutch, I thought that was a 15-passenger van — all white, of course! πŸ™‚

  10. Hutch Says:


    I believe you are right, the 12 pasenger ones are for starter-dominionists!

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