When Blogging Crosses the Line

When real people and real lives are hurt.

When private issues are aired online.

When accusations are made without reasonable proof.

When mental diagnoses are made.

When Christians tear down other Christians.

When beliefs are attributed to a certain person even though they never claimed those beliefs.

When someone is accused of certain things because they are part of a certain group.

When it produces fighting and quarrels among us.

When motives are falsely assumed or questioned.

When we theorize about other people.

When issues are dealt with emotionally rather than rationally to the point that we don’t “hear” the other person.

When someone is shunned or others ask to have them shunned in some way.

When there is guilt by association.

When you search through someone’s blog looking for dirt.

When you can’t take a joke.

When offers to explain one’s position are rejected or twisted.

When apologies are not accepted or believed.

When only one side of the story is presented.

When there is no room for grace.

When there is no room for a change of heart.

When there is no room for a different opinion.

When there is gossip.

When Christ isn’t glorified.

And I am guilty of some of these, so I want to repent.  My New Year’s resolution is to glorify God in all my blogging and to refrain from bringing harm to anyone through my online activities.

There is a lot of blogging being done in the name of Christ, but I wonder if He is really pleased by what His children are doing?  I think I’m going to ask myself some questions before I post an article or comment from now on:

Will Christ be pleased with this?

Will this hurt anyone?

Will this edify?

Am I willing to say this same thing out loud to a group of Christians?

Will unbelievers who may read my words be drawn to Christ because of what I say?

Am I setting a good example for my children?

Am I giving grace to others?

Am I allowing room for differences of opinion where God allows that same difference?

Matt. 12:36 “But I say to you that for every idle word men may speak, they will give account of it in the day of judgment.”

15 Responses to “When Blogging Crosses the Line”

  1. teagrrrl2 Says:

    To Christ alone be all the glory.

  2. Unworthy Says:


    Please know that you are in my prayers. I stand amazed at all God is doing in your life. Continue to seek His face. Repentance is a humbling experience, but there’s no other way to experience His grace. How refreshing to see God at work here! I too will take your list to heart.

  3. CD-Host Says:

    Will unbelievers who may read my words be drawn to Christ because of what I say?

    Jen —

    As I said on your blog before as an unbeliever…. The old community was the only positive experience I had ever had on a fundamentalist internet site (usenet, discussion group or blog). It most certainly did have a positive effect on this unbeliever.

    Best wishes,

  4. Jen Says:

    Teagrrrl2 and Unworthy — welcome and thanks for the kind remarks.

    CD, you are always welcome here. This list was not necessarily representative of my blog, but more of some concerns I have noted of blogging recently. I do take responsibility for some of these, and hope to start over with a clean slate this year.

  5. Marcia Says:

    Great post, Jen, and much needed.

  6. Morgan Farmer Says:

    Jen LOVE THE LIST. I most wonder about bloggers that try to out-theologian each other when responding to a bloggers post.

    This is a good life list too. Glad you are back…missed ya!!!

  7. Robin Says:

    OK, so…I haven’t been here in awhile. I see all your old post about exposing Doug Phillips are gone. Does that mean you are finished with all that?

  8. Jen Says:

    Robin, yes, it is time for a new life now.

    Morgan, I haven’t seen that myself, but that would definitely be appropriate to add to the list.

  9. Robin Says:

    Are you going to explain what happened and why you are moving on? Does Doug know all the old posts are gone and you are moving on? Just trying to understand.

  10. Jen Says:

    Yes, Doug knows, and no, I’m not at liberty to explain. Sorry.

  11. Unworthy Says:

    Words of comfort and nourishment to your soul…

    Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him;
    Do not fret because of him who prospers in his way,
    Because of the man who brings wicked schemes to pass.
    Cease from anger, and forsake wrath;
    Do not fret—it only causes harm. (Psalm 37:7-8)

    The fear of man brings a snare, But whoever trusts in the Lord shall be safe. (Proverbs 29:25)

    If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. (1 John 1:8-9)

    The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, A broken and a contrite heart— These, O God, You will not despise. (Psalm 51:17)

    So I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten… (Joel 2:25)

  12. Lawrence Says:


    A post worthy of serious consideration whenever we think about posting an article and an excellent start to the New Year.

  13. Jen Says:

    Unworthy, thank you for those encouraging verses.

    Lawrence, I do agree that this is a serious issue requiring some serious introspection. Thanks for stopping by.

  14. Rusty Says:

    Jen –
    Sorry to air this on your blog, but I still have a HUGE problem with the lies and deceit Doug Phillips has and is continuing to use to do nothing other than try to ruin a good honest man named Joe Taylor. I have followed the story of what has happened and what is currently happening and it is absolutely appalling to think that a so called “Christian” could do what Doug is doing. I am glad you were able to work out your differences with him. I pray that some day God will allow me to forgive him.

  15. Sarah Walston Says:

    Good list! I’ve been guilty of some of the same things and have also been on the receiving end of some of the same actions – being slandered (even if it was done in a clever and manipulative manner!), being hurt by words meant to be divisive, had friendships end because of stupid quarrels that I don’t even remember what the quarrel was about…etc.

    I think most people who start blogs have to learn a lot of these lessons, one way or the other….or sometimes both – being the perpetrator and victim of blogo-gossip!

    PS. Sorry I never got back to you about getting together – it’s been a crazy couple of weeks. We should meet for lunch sometime!

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