“Proof” of Doug Phillips’ Repentance

One of Doug Phillips’ followers sent me a link to a bunch of pictures where he wonders if this is Doug’s confession before his church.

First, this is not his church.  This is the San Antonio Independent Film Festival, and Doug Phillips did not confess before 1800 strangers.

Second, these pictures were taken in February.  If there was true repentance in February, why the need to step down in October?

Take a look for yourself, but just in case they come down off the blog, I will preserve them here for others to decide if Doug Phillips is confessing before his smiling wife on opening night of this grand event?

02-07-13  SAICFF -14

02-07-13  SAICFF -16

02-07-13  SAICFF -28

31 Responses to ““Proof” of Doug Phillips’ Repentance”

  1. Latoya Says:

    Good grief! DP’s a ham!

  2. lattelaura7 Says:

    These look very staged and false- almost like he is an actor.

  3. Leanne Says:

    What’s the kneeling thing?

  4. noturniptruck Says:

    I just noticed something. There weren’t any photos from the Father Daughter retreat this year (2013) and NONE with Doug in them. It sounds like he wasn’t there either.

  5. DaMom Says:

    One word……”Gag”

  6. Anew Says:

    If you care to,look at my comment on Phillips use of the words “romantic and affectionate” in his resignation statement. About the 96th comment down on Douglas Wilson”s blog site.

    • Jen Says:

      Anew, can you link to it?

      • Jen Says:

        Thanks for the link, Brandon. Here is Anew’s thoughtful comment:

        Douglas Phillip’s choice of words to explain the nature of his relationship did make me cringe and wonder at his choice of those words. He used the words ” romantic and affectionate”. It made me cringe for his wife who must hear that someone she loved and trusted and had heard words of romance and affection from herself and had eight children with was actually turning his heart to someone in a deeper way and for a long time. It also might mean he was involving the woman with words and actions of romance and affection which tends to bind a woman to a man. In that case what could he offer her? That makes me think he was guided by more than romance and affection. Additionally, I wondered if there was self deception in thinking that with a romantic and affectionate and long term attitude it could not be so very bad (meaning at the time). Perhaps a distorted gentlemanly approach? Was he kidding himself,the woman, and later his wife when he speaks of no Biblical knowledge and romance and affection instead? Even Godly Christian men admit that sexual attraction is part of their interest in a woman with someone they are considering (for a wife). Though of course he did admit and repent of the inappropriateness of the relationship but was he thinking to soften the blow by framing it as romantic and affectionate when there was more of the physical self driving him? I belabor this because it seems rather cruel to his wife and an underlying message to the woman (it WAS romantic and affectionate he might be letting her know–that is,he wasn’t lusting after her). Also, those who must deal with this as a sin and its consequent discipline ,including how Phillips sees himself in the matter, can only see this as: 1. romance and affection,meh, it ONLY involved the heart so not so sinfully horrible (human interpretation).The heart however is very important to God and between a man and woman. 2. Or–he is mightily deceiving himself and others with the “no Biblical knowledge” statement because even IF he didn”t do random other sexual things with this woman he most likely DID have thoughts other than romance and affection toward her to keep this going on long term and responding strongly enough to overcome all his belief systems,relationship ties,example to others,etc. After all,this is a MAN,a mature man,a man that after having a large family knows SOMETHING about how to encourage a woman to respond to him and not just romantically. I guess I don’t think he is being honest with others and himself by using these words. And one more tiny admittedly gratuitous thought: did the patriarchy idea go so far as to Phillips sympathizing with Abraham and his multiple wives and concubines,etc. as a patriarch? I hope not since that part of Abraham’s life didn’t turn out so well.

      • Jen Says:

        In case my comment is not approved on Doug Wilson’s site, here is what I posted:

        There are several reasons I do not believe this is true repentance on Doug Phillips’ part and that is why I am being vocal about it. Apart from inside information, which only confirms what I had suspected, his words are posed as a slick, political move.

        What President steps down from a major ministry for “flirting?” Do we really believe that?

        If he was truly repentant, why does he find it necessary to respond in a Clinton-esque manner — “I did not have sex with that woman.” Wouldn’t simply admitting his “serious sin” be enough?

        As others have rightfully noted, there are two sides to Vision Forum — the ministry side and the business side. While no one wants to kick someone who is down, the hypocrisy comes down to the fact that Doug Phillips looks like he is stepping down, while in reality, he is not. Just because he is not speaking this year, first, does not mean that he will not go back to speaking again the following year. He has clearly set that up. Second, he is still receiving a “salary” from Vision Forum Ministries in the form of a “parsonage,” worth about $6K a month. Not shabby. Third, the majority of his income comes from the business side of Vision Forum. As long as homeschoolers continue to buy from Vision Forum, they are still supporting Doug Phillips.

        Newsflash: Doug Phillips = Vision Forum 🙂

        The fact that Doug Phillips resigned from being elder in February, but did not resign from Vision Forum Ministries until nearly nine months later is a HUGE concern to me. I pray for Doug and Beall and their family, and for the young lady. I pray God’s best for them. But I cannot stand by blindly ignoring the continued hypocrisy.

      • noturniptruck Says:

        actually I saw both comments on Mr. Wilson’s site 🙂

  7. nettie Says:

    13 But encourage one another day after day, as long as it is still called “Today,” so that none of you will be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin.” Hebrews 3:13
    This has turned into nothing more than speculation and a continuance of assumptions and falsities. I would encourage each of you that is adding to a situation that you have no direct involvement in to be very careful. You started out your post with someone admitting they were “wondering” if these were from his confession. Okay. so they are not pictures of that. Wouldn’t it have been enough for you to leave a comment on that post stating that it was the film festival? Why the need to continue to tear down a man and a family that is already dealing with so much? This family needs our PRAYERS. Beall and her children need our PRAYERS, not continued speculations.
    For goodness sake, Jen. Enough is enough. You have made your point. We are all treading very carefully in this situation. I am not a fan of what has happened any more than the others. Yet we can, and should, as Christians, let this play itself out without adding logs of speculation and assumption to the fire.

    And just out of curiosity, i have been to your other blog as well. Would you care to explain why you apparently go by 2 different last names? That is a bit confusing in and of itself.

    • Jen Says:

      Nettie, I posted this article because one of Doug Phillips’ supporters thought this was “proof” and sent it to me. I figured that I would refute it before it was circulated as proof.

      I have not written anything on my old blog in years. Fishburne is my maiden name.

    • nowoolovertheeyes Says:

      just for clarification nettie, there are people that comment here that do have connections to what’s going on first hand. Yes for the general public, that’s okay to make those “broad brushed across the board” statements……..but be careful doing that in ASSUMING that ALL of us don’t “really know what’s going on”. Just sayin

    • Teresa Says:

      @nettie I would suggest that since you feel so strongly about this site, you should not check on it or post. Simply pray for all involved.

    • Sarah Pressler Says:

      So…. treat Doug and his family how they SHOULD have treated all of us when we were all going through the same fires? Or take the eye for an eye approach when discussing all this? Welcome to reality. It’s super super ugly.

  8. loulou chamberlin Says:

    Jen, After reading Doug’s resignation letter with the term “lengthy, in appropriate relationship with a woman” and your comment that the only “women” he could be around would be his children’s nanny, I think it would be very important to know the age of the “woman” when this affair started. His is a very carefully crafted letter with no apology to the other “woman” who was also wronged.

    • Sarah Pressler Says:

      I so wish there were like buttons on blogs!!!

    • Jen Says:

      loulou, the full-time nannies I know were all 18 or older when they “served” the Phillips family. Sometimes, younger women would help out a little bit, but not for long periods of time since they were still homeschooling at home.

      I do not know when the affair began, but I believe this woman is around 30 now. I believe Doug has known her for more than ten years, but I would guess that nothing happened for quite a while, that it just grew over time.

      • noturniptruck Says:

        I do not know when the affair began, but I believe this woman is around 30 now.

        Oh so you do know who this young lady is……..I thought you did 🙂

  9. Matt Says:

    It’s almost as if this blog is rejoicing in what obviously is a horrible situation. First, I don’t think it’s any of yours or your blogs business except. His church body, his elders, his family, his wife, his children, the other woman (who was also in sin) and her family and church as well are to be involved in the process. For him to come out publicly and repent was an appropriate step because he does run a public ministry. However, it is up to his elders and church to lead him through the repentance and restoration process, which may take months and/or years. Doug, Beall, the other woman and everyone involved need our prayers – not our gossip, not vengeance for real or perceived wrongs.

    • Jen Says:

      Matt, I understand your concern, but I do not see any evidence of true repentance. I definitely do not rejoice in what is happening, especially to all those who are being hurt in the process, but I cannot stand by silently and let others believe he is truly repentant when he is not. I do pray for that, though. Very much so.

      • noturniptruck Says:

        Matt, I understand your concern, but I do not see any evidence of true repentance. I definitely do not rejoice in what is happening, especially to all those who are being hurt in the process, but I cannot stand by silently and let others believe he is truly repentant when he is not. I do pray for that, though. Very much so.

        I agree with Jen here. There’s NO evidence of true repentance. In fact, there’s evidence to the contrary. Yes we need to pray for Doug, Beall, the kids and this woman, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t need to warn people of the wolves.

        Good grief…..I see Doug as a bully……..a spiritual bully. If your kids were in school and they were bullied, wouldn’t you report it? Would you want to defend them and go after the person? Wouldn’t they be held liable by the law? Doug has been a bully for many years and never held accountable. I admire Jen for what she’s doing and I also admire people like Scott Brown who is holding Doug Accountable for his actions. The silence of his supporters is deafening, especially his CLOSE associates who are not only deadly silent but some are running scared the opposite direction. Some are just eating burnt crow at this point!

        • Jen Says:

          Thank you, NoTurnipTruck. Doug is a bully who needs to be stood up to. And he needs our prayers.

          Let us HOPE and pray that Scott Brown’s words are sincere as well. Time will tell.

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