San Antonio Express News: “Christian home-school leader admits extramarital relationship”

Our local paper, The San Antonio Express News, also published an article about Doug Phillips yesterday, although only subscribers can read the full article.  Here is the beginning of the article:

SAN ANTONIO — A noted leader in conservative Christian home-schooling circles has stepped down from his San Antonio-based ministry after acknowledging an extramarital relationship.

Doug Phillips of Vision Forum Ministries said in an online statement that he resigned as its president and from its board and ended his public speaking schedule.

He founded the ministry and its affiliated for-profit business, Vision Forum Inc., which sells books, CDs, films, toys and other items for the home-school market.

The statement, which described “serious sin in my life for which God has graciously brought me to repentance,” sent ripples through the Christian blogosphere. Phillips, married with eight children, has a loyal following but also critics who consider him unaccountable and authoritarian.

To read the rest of Abe Levy’s story, trending in the Most Popular section right now, you must be a subscriber, but here is the link.


3 Responses to “San Antonio Express News: “Christian home-school leader admits extramarital relationship””

  1. Sarah Pressler Says:

    EXCELLENT! I sent a tweet to KSAT 12 telling them they should pick up the story and run with it. They love this kind of stuff. I feel for Beall and the kids – but now they know how Christine felt when Little Bear and crew forced Chris and Christine to stand up in front of the congregation and apologize to all of us for Chris’s transgressions. **THE deciding factor in my never returning to Little Bear’s church.

    • Jen Says:

      Yes, Sarah. There are times for public repentance and there are times for private repentance. It is important to know the difference.

      Thanks for contacting the TV station. The newspaper actually contacted me for this story, so I was not the one running around “tattling.” My focus is here, but I am glad others are speaking out and exposing it as well.

      PS. I deleted the last name in your comment to protect their privacy.

      • Sarah Pressler Says:

        oh yeah thanks for that – they were all over the local news, too – so tragic for the wife and kids. the perps deserve the public shaming though. sorry. been here done this seen it too many times….

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