The Christian Post: “Vision Forum to Close Down Following Doug Phillips’ Admission of ‘Inappropriate Relationship'”

Wesley Strackbein, a spokesperson for Vision Forum, told The Christian Post that while the non-profit will cease to exist, the board is currently deliberating on whether the organizations’ conferences, workshops, film festival (which was canceled a week before Phillips’ announcement) and other programs, will continue apart from the organization. 

It has also been confirmed that while Phillips’ former non-profit employer will shutter, he will maintain control of his for-profit company, Vision Forum Inc., which sells books, audio lectures, and toys that promote the organization’s conservative beliefs.


To read the full article, go here.


7 Responses to “The Christian Post: “Vision Forum to Close Down Following Doug Phillips’ Admission of ‘Inappropriate Relationship'””

  1. Latoya Says:

    Maybe DP and pals will sell VF Inc. Could it be re-branded in your opinion? Doug is pretty much the face and brand. I’m not a fan of patriarchy or religion, but I’ll take advantage of deep discounts…you know, like a liquidation sale.

    • DaMom Says:

      I saw some “deep” discounts yesterday in the boys section. The throwing blades had a 40% sale on them, which my husband said DP may be trying to get rid of them so his wife wouldn’t have access to them.

    • T.W. Eston Says:

      Spoken like a true capitalist! Did you attend the Vision Forum Entrepreneurial Bootcamp?

      It’s really possible (hard to say) that some of the more unique Vision Forum merchandise could become collectibles. When everything gets fire-sale’d off at Vision Forum Inc be ready to snap it up and start your very own Vision Forum ebay store!

      I’m not saying that I’ll be risking it myself. I’ve got a hunch that within the next few weeks and months we’re going to see hundreds of home school families getting rid of everything from their homes that’s Vision Forum onto ebay. Either that or they’ll dump it in the donation bins of their local thrift stores. The supply of Vision Forum (used) merchandise is about to go way up, driving the price down.

      I’m sure they teach about supply and demand at the Entrepreneurial Bootcamp, so here’s a practical example of how it’s likely to work out here:

      Company president creates a scandal which betrays the confidence of its customers.
      He publicly “confesses”, but a large portion of his customers view his confession as a sham.
      Many of company’s customers cease buying company’s products.
      Sales plummet immediately prior to company’s biggest sales season of the year.
      Company is soon forced to layoff most of its workers.
      Company president sees handwriting on the wall and plunders and hides what remaining assets there are.
      Company declares bankruptcy, stiffs its creditors and dissolves.
      President who created the scandal lays low, lets the dust settle for a year, and then starts all over again (rinse, lather, repeat).


      • DesiringToDiscern Says:

        “home school families getting rid of everything from their homes that’s Vision Forum onto ebay” We looked into doing that yesterday

  2. Maxwell Says:

    Looks like Doug has issued a clarifying statement on his resignation. Interesting that this was NOT posted on his blog over at VF, but rather on the VFM site, which is ‘closed’.

  3. ColleenInWis Says:

    “David and Bathsheba: Parable for Our Time,” by Doug Phillips, anyone?

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