Privacy Policy

Some of our stories may include pseudonyms in order to protect the identity of those persons. We may also deliberately obfuscate certain minor details that may otherwise tend to identify a person.

Some of the information we receive for our stories comes from insider sources. We may or may not know the true identity of a given source, nor will we seek to identify a source should they choose to remain anonymous. In all cases we corroborate any significant information we receive from a given source with our other established sources.

In no case will we ever divulge the identify of any of our sources, or any identifying information, such as where they live, their gender, their IP address, email address, etc.

Maintaining a strict policy of guarding the identity of our sources ensures those sources will continue working with us. It also encourages other insiders to contact us with new or corroborating information. If you would like to contact us please refer to the Contact Blog Authors links in the right-hand sidebar of any of our articles.

Per the Comment Etiquette page: “The comment form asks for your email address and your web site or blog, if you have one. The email address must be provided, but a web site address is optional. You do not need to provide your actual email address if you don’t want to. You can use a fake address, but it’s appreciated if you do use your real email address, in case I need to contact you for clarification.”

I never share or publish email addresses, IP addresses, or any other identifying information of our commenters.

If you choose to use a real email address it’s assumed that you don’t mind being contacted by us. However, we seldom contact any of our commenters. We generally only do so to seek clarification or additional information on a comment.

If you object to ever being contacted via email then please use a fake email address.

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